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Latino Advisory

The Latino population has grown at an unprecedented rate throughout Southern California and the United States. NAI Capital developed the Latino Advisory Group in response to the phenomenal growth and purchasing power the Latino population represents. With the development of the Latino Advisory Group, NAI Capital is positioned to serve your real estate needs with Latino customers and clients interested in working and investing in Latino areas.

Our client base and years of experience working in the Latino marketplace provides clients with extensive market knowledge. We have worked with numerous retailer and restaurant chains focused on the Latino customer. We performed the initial study for Campero International's into the United States on their Pollo Campero concept and have been the advisor and exclusive leasing agent for Plaza México, an open-air cultural shopping center located in the city of Lynwood.

Other clients include the following:

  • Adir Internacional Export, LLC, DBA: La Curacao
  • Banco Popular
  • ConstruMex
  • Don Roberto Jewelers
  • Disco Azteca
  • El Gallo Giro Corporation
  • Sicrea de México

In order to provide clients with a greater understanding of the Latino community, NAI Capital has gathered and developed numerous studies, specialty mapping services, and targeted demographic information. Our well-received Latino Psychographics seminars are conducted to better inform clients about this growing population. NAI Capital Latino Advisory offers the conventional services of a full-service brokerage firm directed at the Latino market.