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Mixed Use

Mixed Use Urban Development Group

In the last several years "mixed-use" has become the mantra for developers and local governments as the lack of available space coupled with the desire for a more vibrant environment in urban and densely populated suburban areas has come to the fore. The complex nature of mixed-use poses many challenges to the development process, as residential and commercial spaces both have unique and often conflicting requirements for their success. A project that joins these two components must therefore be carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure a balanced and harmonious project.

Our mission is to assist developers/investors in creating the kinds of mixed-use projects that are desired by residents, tenants and the communities they reside in.

Land Acquisition

Our development team represents developers with respect to all elements of the real estate development process, including site selection, due diligence, entitlement, acquisition, land development, retail leasing and disposition. Our approach is to make practical use of our market knowledge in the land development process.

We also understand that land development is not limited to just finding the site, but making sure that the proposed project is positioned to meet a client's investment objectives. We work with cities and public agencies throughout the Los Angeles area and if necessary, we can represent our clients successfully before city councils, planning commissions, neighborhood councils and a full range of other types of districts and agencies.

We offer years of experience with numerous projects that allows us to put our technical knowledge to effective practical use. The combined depth of our expertise and experience affords us a broader field of vision and the ability to identify potential development sites and handle issues that others will not recognize.

Retail Leasing

Our Urban Development Group possesses market knowledge that includes current and future trends in the local retail market. We know how many and which tenants are currently active, their increasing or decreasing space demands, any political trends which may impact a property, land values, lease rates, and valuable building specific information (such as systems, floor plate, design, location issues, ceiling heights, common areas, etc.).

Our overall mission is to understand the standard format for retail leasing and engage vision and imagination when appropriate.