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NAI Capital Non-Profit delivers uncompromising results for its clients. With over 15-years experience and over 100 transactions completed, the NAI Capital Non-Profit team is proud to service the needs of its clients with

  • Relocation, remodel and Expansion
  • Cost Analysis
  • Secure Local Governmental Approvals
  • Land Development
  • Secure investment capital joint venture to accelerate land development

In addition to providing unsurpassed regional expertise, NAI Capital Non-Profit is meeting the demands of its clients by providing its full range of services throughout the United States and around the world.

1. NAI Capital Non-Profit offers professional representation.

NAI Capital Non-Profit will be the nonprofit client's exclusive agent. As your representative, we are motivated to negotiate the best terms possible to you. Clients deserve the same type of professional representation in order to protect their interest. In the same manner as lawyers provide legal services, CPA's provide financial services, etc., a professional real estate agent will provide their clients with the best representation available. NAI Capital Non-Profit is the premier representation firm available today.

2. NAI Capital Non-Profit offers experience, credibility and a great reputation.

NAI Capital Non-Profit negotiates many lease and sale transactions each year. We are a company made up of professionals dedicated to representing the best interest of our non-profit clients. We have established a reputation that is best described in a single word: performance

3. NAI Capital Non-Profit offers professional market knowledge.

NAI Capital Non-Profit is familiar with current market conditions, buildings, economic trends and landlord and seller objectives in addition to the objectives of local governmental agencies. It works in the market daily. The perspective of the market is invaluable when negotiating with the landlords and sellers on behalf of the church, school and other non-profits. We get straight answers.

4. NAI Capital Non-Profit talks the landlords' and sellers' language.

NAI Capital Non-Profit is familiar with the terms, verbiage and possible miscommunication hurdles. Its agents know the areas, which are sensitive to an owner and his or her lender. Their "deal breakers" can be discussed and explained in acceptable terms. We know how to work with all people.

5. NAI Capital Non-Profit buffers the non-profit's principals.

NAI Capital Non-Profit is objective in evaluating our client's needs and expectations. To act as a buffer, our team understands the need to be impartial to personal discrepancies as they develop. This gives us the opportunity to work closely with church boards and leadership. We continually concentrate on the real estate transaction. As an impartial third party without favoritism, we can work past negotiating problems to arrive at solutions and compromises.

6. NAI Capital Non-Profit produces cost savings.

NAI Capital Non-Profit offers in-depth cash flow analysis of different offerings, analyzing all economic factors of the transaction and presenting them on an "apples-to-apples," bottom line basis, including:

  • Rental Rate and Sales
  • Escalation Clauses in Leases and Options in Sales
  • Square footage Measurements
  • Evaluation of Chares of all Transactions
  • Parking Requirements
  • Demographic Evaluation
  • Construction Allowance for Tenants/Costs for Purchasers or Sellers
  • Expansion Provisions
  • Building code requirements that include the CUP requirements as viewed by the various cities.

We know what to look for in these areas and more. We know how to ask the important questions. Through our in-depth analysis, you will fully understand the total economic commitment of each proposal and we will save you money through this knowledge.

7. NAI Capital Non-Profit is local, national and international.

NAI Nonprofit has offices throughout the United States and around the world. Because of this we will negotiate a "win-win" solution for all parties. Having offices in all major cities has other advantages to non-profit organizations. We have acquired and can gather more substantiating information on any aspect of past transactions. We have built the most comprehensive database to analyze comparable sales and leases and market trends.

8. NAI Capital Non-Profit knows local and national conditions

It is impossible to thoroughly analyze a potential transaction where a church, school or other non-profit wishes to locate without knowing or being sensitive to local conditions. We know what to look for in the following important areas:

  • Special air condition requirements
  • Political environment
  • Security and safety of the area
  • Parking requirements
  • Local developer performance
  • Site development requirements
  • Visibility
  • Opportunities for Ministry, school or services in the area

9. NAI Capital Non-Profit is objective and innovative.

Through contacts and affiliations with experienced people in all facets of the non-profit business, NAI Capital Non-Profit brings innovative ideas to the potential transaction. We are not locked into any preconceived way of thinking. NAI Capital Non-Profit represents some of the largest churches, schools and non-profits in many areas. This helps us understand each clients needs. The understanding usually allows us to be even more innovative in our negotiations and does not influence our objectivity.

10. NAI Capital Nonprofit offers confidence to its clients.

NAI Capital Non-Profit is committed to providing its clients with the most professional and qualified real estate service and consulting service possible. You will have security and confidence in knowing that our representation will professionally satisfy your needs.